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it's been so long

i thought you had given up on this :o daily 1st gratz

DYNAKYRIS responds:

grace, fren '.'

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i feel your pain with the unity webgl. for my one attempt i stuck an animated gif behind it to make people think something was happening haha :< game is cute, think i'll grab it for my phone.

Mantis1 responds:

Haha, so you're a game developer as well! Trust me, Unity WebGL has been significantly improved from even last month. Still, I hope Unity developers can improve the web preloader and build time.

Your games look cool by the way, I'm going to check some of them later!

if you add a tiny amount of bounce to the physics material of the walls like .001 or somethin, that should keep you from clinging to them while you're holding the button. might stop the lil face from getting stuck in corners sometimes also but i'm not sure :o

on the last green level i could get stuck pretty consistently at the little ledge on the right side, hop the pit then charge at it fullspeed

on the last blue level you need to use momentum to change directions, since they're all kind of the tutorial section maybe you should mention it onscreen

though you do have a reset button mentioned at the start, a dedicated restart button onscreen all the time may be better.

that's all i got :O

1f1n1ty responds:

I've solved the wall clinging thing by making the friction of all the walls 0. I've maintained the friction of the floor, though, so there's no infinite sliding. We'll hopefully be uploading the new patch soon... we just have to get medals to work :/

I was thinking of hinting the player on that last blue stage. Thanks for the response.

I feel like a reset button on the screen would be inconvienient for most, as the game is played entirely with the keyboard, and having to reach to your mouse, move the cursor over a button, click the button, and return to the keyboard seemed like a lot of unnecessary motion. Hence, the R key got the reset function.

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